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Vocabulary Practice Sheets For Kids

October 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Engaging young minds is most effective when learning is fun. Introducing new concepts through new methods draws and keeps attention. Activities for teaching vocabulary can be just as enjoyable. As the key partner to comprehensive in a child’s learning journey, vocabulary requires retention. And retention is fueled by activities that build memory and cognitive skills.

For example, rhyming is a powerful tool in building retention. Exercises with rhyming words is just one of the activities for building vocabulary used in this accessible and fun e-book program. The activities will support your child’s learning of parts of the body, manners, what baby animals are called, and much more. In addition, the activities relate to practical matters, such as what objects are used for particular tasks, in what order things occur, what individual does what jobs, and what various places are called. Word Gymnastics will stretch the possibilities for a stronger vocabulary, encouraging your child to explore new words, their meanings, and how to use them in writing and speaking.

vocabulary-activities-for-kids Building vocabulary encourages the learning of more words through reading.

Increasing vocabulary supports reading comprehension as genuine understanding of new and increasingly complex words is achieved.
A child equipped with a great capacity through vocabulary will be less intimidated about choosing a more challenging book on library, in having conversations with older children and adults, and in growing her writing skills. Vocabulary supports confidence and is one of the keys for success in life and work. Starting your child on the right foot in the vocabulary journey is just the beginning, but setting the stage for him to find the right word for the future school and work projects that lie ahead is invaluable.

Convenient printable worksheets provide parents and teachers with easy tools for reinforcing learning through Word Gymnastics. The worksheets provide parents with a traceable means to teach and build vocabulary. You will find the principles shared in our e-book can be applied in your continuing work with your child as new capacity for language and the words that comprise it grows.

Click here to get access to over 200 handwriting worksheets

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  • 1 Wendy // Oct 8, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    This is a great article on vocabulary and I’m putting it in my Educational News box for the week. I’m also interested in the handwriting sheets, but I need to know whether the sheets have the circles starting on the line or at 2 o’clock on the clockface. I tell parents to teach circles beginning at 2 o’clock and want to stick with the one way instead of confusing the issue. I’d really appreciate knowing as it’s great value if it fits in with what I teach. Thanks.

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